Whether you are diving for the first time or diving at a new destination, there are various things that would be jumping in your mind too. Skydiving is an activity that starts up when you obtain the license for it as that would be the exact time you would open up yourself to life.

Again, when the license for skydiving is obtained, you also obtain the ability to travel to various destinations providing with dropzone activities.

While visiting any new dropzone, your excitement level is sure to increase. However, there are some precautions that need to be considered before you begin your dive. Do your homework and visit SkydivingDZs.com – Finding a dropzone near you and get detailed information on the available options.

Important tips while visiting new dropzones

Are you moving for your next dropzone for a new skydiving experience? Here are some tips that would help you in making the event more memorable.

·         Indianapolis dropzoneExpectations from the new dropzone

Stepping in a new dropzone is surely going to connect you with new people, equipment, landing areas, gears, and planes. This can be slightly stressful while making the dive. There are many who get baffled in such a situation and fail to perform properly. Don’t feel daunted at that time.

Visiting new destinations for skydiving brings an opportunity to meet new people. This helps in learning more and more about sky diving when sharing of experiences is carried out on both sides. Prepare for the upcoming fun and keep faith in the knowledge and skills you have learned during your training.

In the excitement of diving to new destinations, make sure you don’t forget to take your license as that would work as proof that you have obtained the training. If you are carrying your own equipment or gear, make sure you get it checked at the gate along with the logbook.

·         Ask for a briefing

No doubt, today the internet provides with every piece of information about the new places you are visiting for skydiving. Yet, it is important to ask for a briefing as you enter the area.

Every dropzone provides with an instruction team that helps you learn about the area where you are going to dive. You need to learn about the landing areas, patterns for landing, landing procedures, outs that are recommended, doors for the exit, the procedure of the aircraft, canopy traffic, and much more.

No doubt, you would have learned all these at your training, but as the location changes, there can be slight changes in the process. So, before you go for the jump, make sure you are aware of the responsibilities and rules as that would help for a safe diving experience.

·         What about the gears?

Are you walking with your own gears? If yes, check if the gears are with current date reserve. Also, you need to have closing loops, pull-up cords, and rubber bands that are handy at the time of diving. It is not necessary that every dropzone comes with a gear store and hence, they wouldn’t be available readily for purchase.

As you have already learned about the gear checks properly, you also know their importance while you are making a dive in a completely new environment. It also depends on the size of the event you are going to attend.

If the event is bigger, ask the manufacturers if they would be available there on the site for trying the demo gear. Ask all the questions you have in your mind regarding the gears to the vendors. You need to have detailed knowledge about the equipment and gear to be familiar at the time of jumping out of the plane.

·         Know the aircraft well

Knowing the type of aircraft when skydivingJust as the diving patterns and areas change while you visit a new skydiving destination, similarly the aircraft you would be diving from changes too. It can either be balloons, tailgates, planes or even helicopters.

Keep in mind that from diving from special crafts like balloons and helicopters you need to be a B-license holder, while for the rest, A-license would do. Learn more about USPA’s skydiving licenses here.

Generally, if the diving is to be carried out from a plane, things might be much similar. But if from unfamiliar ones, you need to have detailed knowledge regarding the loading procedures, exit procedures, how the door works, place the seatbelts would be, place for your hands and feet at the time of climbing, etc.

So, while diving from a new aircraft, before you step up for the diving, better understand it properly form the experienced people or the instructors.

·         The number of canopies in the air

You are going to the diving spot where there would be various jumpers in the sky. Several planes would be flying in the air, and variously licensed jumpers would be sharing the sky together with you. This can be a little difficult for you if you have learned to jump with a sky having around six people.

The busy points mostly remain busy with several jumpers exploring their experience at the same time. If this is the situation, you need to be extra careful under the canopy and make sure you are flying with a particular pattern that is much predictable at the time of landing on the area.

Again, during such situation, it is also important that you won’t be open above the height of around 4000 feet which would help in avoiding the next plane of the divers to open on top of you.

Ask the instructors the maximum height you can open to as not all the heights are safe to open with. If possible, look for a destination that is less congested like large airports that would make you free from any kind of nervousness and avoid the unwanted traffic too.

Skydiving is definitely the best activity when it comes to overcoming your fear and thrill. But as every destination is different and has its own plus and minus point, make sure you are well prepared before you begin with your diving. Again, in learning all these, don’t forget to enjoy diving and gathering new memories.