Scientific facts give credence to environmentalists’ protests against depleting rain forests and global warming; survival is a matter of working together. Invaluable Medications Gone with the Rainforests A very little known fact, but of significant importance, is that 25% of modern medicines come from different plant species growing specifically in rain forests. Yet, Western science […]

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Christina Wulf serves as coordinator of outreach and fundraising for Virginia Forest Watch, a grassroots, non-profit coalition dedicated to maintaining and restoring the natural ecology and biodiversity of forestlands across Virginia through education and citizen participation. Working for the Forests On private forest land, Virginia Forest Watch’s work ranges from creating events that showcase sustainable […]

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How best to maintain the ecological health of America’s national forests is currently on Congress’s agenda in Washington, D.C. But unable to lock up the support needed for President Trump’s “healthy forests initiative” – which several environmentalist groups have labeled as a license for unlimited logging – the administration’s allies in Washington, D.C., are maneuvering […]

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